International Student Program Private School

Thank you for your consideration of Network 153 and Algoma Christian School. We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with you and your son or daughter. Our goal is to offer your child an excellent education while fostering an environment for cross-cultural collaboration. In addition, we are preparing students to live in the global community thereby encouraging world peace.

As parents we understand the apprehensiveness that comes with sending your child to a place far away from the safekeeping of your home. Your concern is our concern. You can be sure that we will take the utmost caution to ensure that your child is placed in a safe and loving home in a rural environment. From a financial standpoint we also understand the significance of fees that are more reasonable while still obtaining a quality education.

Network 153 is partnering with Algoma Christian School to bring qualified students to spend a year or more at their school. Priority will be given to those interested in two or more years. The school will issue a high school diploma when the required classes are completed. Interested students should apply by filling out our International Student Application form below. We will be responsible for coordinating the process and ensuring that all forms, immunizations, and legal documents are completed in a timely fashion.

After reviewing your application form we will proceed with a skype interview with Algoma Christian School. The school administration will make the final decision regarding admission to their school, and will work together with Network 153 to find an appropriate host family.

All tuition and fees are paid to Network 153 who will then disburse the funds to the appropriate party. Fees include school tuition, English tutoring, a host family stipend, coordination fees, and a required Home Stay Orientation course upon arrival in the United States (See the Home Stay Orientation form below for more details). We look forward to joining hands with you in the furthering of your child’s education in America.

Contact us regarding current costs or any other questions you may have. 

International Student Forms

Network 153 International Student Application

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Network 153 Host Family Application

Network 153 Quarterly Host Family Self-Reflection

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