Network 153 is a nonprofit organization committed to international outreach. Our goal is to network with different cultures, exposing them to the love of Jesus Christ through teaching and personal interaction. This is accomplished through various projects with like-minded partnerships.

The Directors, Tim and Shelley Bauer, have years of experience working together with those from different cultures. Hosting, directing, and teaching numerous exchange students in both short and long term programs over many years has helped prepare them for their cross-cultural mission. Their Christian worldview has revealed to them that God has a distinct calling on individual nations. Believing that all mankind has been Divinely created for a specific purpose, they reach out in Christ’s love to bring hope, encouragement, and direction to those who need it.

Shelley has been a Parent Educator within their local public school system for many years. Being a mother of five children, as well as a grandmother, has produced invaluable knowledge and a discerning spirit for those who are in need of direction and wise counsel. After 25 years as a tool designer, Tim was called out from his profession to pursue other interests where his passions lie. Being a husband, father, grandfather, and a spiritual teacher and speaker have all added to his experiential knowledge of outreach to others. In addition to writing numerous articles, Tim has also authored many Christian books which can be purchased, downloaded, or read for free on his personal website

On a personal side, their family has also experienced their share of suffering and difficult times, producing within them a heart of compassion for those going through similar circumstances. On January 19, 2004, Shelley experienced a major stroke at the age of 44 that almost claimed her life. This dramatic experience not only changed the direction of their lives, but also resulted in a much greater heart for the spiritual state of all nations. The result of all their experience has culminated in what has become known as Network 153, a net-work for the nations.