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A Vessel Of Deliverance

“God is preparing a vessel of deliverance for His people, and a means of judgment for His enemies. Exactly as He did in the days of Noah… Yes, God is building a house, and He is building it with living stones. This habitation of God through the Spirit will be a mighty vessel of deliverance in the time of judgment in these last days. It may be a laughing stock in the religious world, as Noah’s big ship was. It may be a strange looking vessel compared to the ecclesiastical orders of our day, even as Noah’s ship was strange looking… He is using this ark to speak to us about the Sons of God, the overcomer company who shall be joined together [see the Bible study Joined Together] in the last days to form a glorious vessel that will house the very fullness of God and bring deliverance to all humanity… He is right now putting the finishing touches on His vessel of deliverance, His body of Sons. The work is almost finished. Judgment will not come until the ark of God is ready. It is very near… One of the greatest reasons for Christians missing out on God’s great plan for the end of this age is their allegiance to their sectarian denomination. The call is going forth, ‘Come out of her My people.’ For sectarianism will have no part in that which God is doing in this present day Ark of deliverance…”

(Bill Britton)

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