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The Unknown "Nobodies"

(This revelation regarding the unknowns and nobodies whom God will soon bring forth came to us right after we came home from a mission trip to Honduras on May 2, 2022. See the Bible studies The Mordecai Ministry and Honduras; Washing And Mending The Nets.)

The 2022 Kentucky Derby (May 7, 2022) was won by the horse Rich Strike. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear in the body of Christ, he was a prophetic picture of the currently unknown servants of the Lord who will be raised up at the end of this age, seemingly out of nowhere, to lead the body of Christ across the finish line, to their Master (Genesis 24).

The horse was a last minute entry, the day before actually, due to another horse that was scratched from the race (see the article My Dream Of Finishing The Race). In similar fashion, God has positioned His hidden, unknown servants at the end of this age who will suddenly emerge on the scene at seemingly the last minute. Their public manifestation has been hidden up until now, but will soon be seen by all. In fact, the sleeping church in America will be offended by their words and their actions. Nevertheless, they will continue to fearlessly move forward, undaunted by those who contend with them whether it be within or without the church.

It was interesting that as the horses came charging down the home stretch, no one, including the announcer, was focusing on Rich Strike as a lane opened up for him between the other horses and he ran along the rail. He was an “insider” that no one was paying attention to. He even had to maneuver around another horse right before he made his now infamous appearance for all to see with unbelief and amazement.

By definition, a “nobody” is “an insignificant or completely unimportant person; a person of no influence or consequence.” This very moment something similar is happening in the spiritual realm within church leadership. While most are focusing on those who are currently known throughout Christian circles as the “influential experts with great significance” among us, like they did with the favored horse Epicenter, the Rich Strike’s will blow right by them as well at the end of our race. They have been trained in obscurity by the Lord for such a time as this. They’re not widely known by man, but the devil knows who they are and is in fact doing all he can to stop them from coming forth. With Divinely infused determination, though, they will simply jockey around him and whoever else stands in their way to finish that which they have been called to.

Epicenter means “The focal point, or central point of something; The area of the earth’s surface directly above the place of origin, or focus, of an earthquake; The epicenter is usually the location where the greatest damage associated with an earthquake occurs; The focal point of a usually harmful or unpleasant phenomenon or event, the center; The point on the earth’s surface directly above an earthquake or atomic explosion; An epicenter is also the place that has the highest level of an activity.”

“Strike It Rich”

A rich strike can also be used for the idiom “strike it rich.” These are some of the definitions for it:

  • To become wealthy very quickly, suddenly, or unexpectedly.

  • Also, “strike oil” or “strike it lucky”… The first of these idioms originated in mining where it referred to finding a rich mineral deposit.

  • Synonyms: elevate, enlarge, raise, upgrade, boost, develop, grow

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